How much does a portrait shoot cost?

There are two cost elements - first you pay a shoot fee of £120, which reserves the day and goes towards paying the hair/make-up artist and covering our time. This is the only element that you commit to paying, but it does not include the cost of any prints etc. that you may choose once you have seen them following the shoot. You can buy as little or as much as you like, there is no pressure, we’re confident that you will love the pictures!

Regarding the cost of prints and other products, these vary considerably depending on the size and type, but to give you an idea, a print on beautiful archival fine art paper mounted and ready to fit a 10” x 8” frame (incl. the digita fie too) costs £80, and folio collections of mounted and boxed prints (incl. also the digital files) start from £450. To save you the hassle of framing, we can also if you like provide custom made frames.

Do we include digital files?

The short answer is yes - for all pictures that you buy a print of. We are very much focussed on creating individual beautiful physical products such as framed fine art prints that will last, rather than discs with hundreds of digital images. However, we recognise that many people would also like to have a digital copy of their favourite picture that they can share.

How does it work?

We have four steps:

  • Book your shoot

  • Chat through what we should do

  • The shoot itself

  • We reveal what we’ve created and you order what you like

We’re all about photographs as beautiful objects printed on the finest materials, not a series of vulnerable 0’s and 1’s to be lost on some dusty defunct hard drive. The idea is to have a fun enjoyable experience for you, or your family or your group of best friends, and create together stunning natural images that will be treasured for years to come.

Step 1 - Book the shoot:

Book and pay the shoot fee. To book your shoot we need payment of the shoot fee. The payment is made on line and very easy to do. This allows us to make sure that our favourite makeup artist and hair person is available on your date. Makeup and hair is complimentary, we’ll chat with you before the shoot what style you’d prefer – we would like you to be the most beautiful version of yourself in front of camera. Or you can ask us to do a total transformation look which we would also be very intrigued to do!

And: let’s get that date in our diaries!

Step 2 - Chat through our approach:

This does not have to take long, and can be either on the phone/Skype or over a coffee depending on how you’re fixed. We like to be nice and prepared and have a good idea what you would like to get out of the shoot. This pre-planning for your shoot will help make it a fabulous experience, and it’s a good time to start thinking about colour combinations that will create stunning pictures. What you wear can make a huge difference to the shoot.

We would also love to know more about how you are planning to use your images. Are these a treat for yourself or would you like these to be gifted to a loved one, will they be kept tucked away for future generations, or beautifully displayed on the walls of your home?

The main aim is to be comfortable. You’ll receive our quick ‘what to expect’ guide via email with tips on what to wear and we can take it from there.  

Step 3 - On the shoot day:

This is fun - honest! Depending on what we’ve worked out in the chat, this will likely be preceded by a makeover particularly for the girls (and maybe a spot of polish and brushing for the guys).

We have snacks and drinks and our makeup/hair artist will accommodate all your beauty needs. Typically we’ll shoot with one outfit change and a backdrop/style of lighting change so that you could experience a true studio photoshoot where you can have fun and feel like a true celebrity. Including the hair and makeup please fence off around 2 hours on the day at the studio, depending on the style of your shoot.

Step 4 - What happens after:

Total crescendo of excitement!

We guarantee you will leave the studio on a major buzz so please make it a special treat day either for yourself or for the whole family. When your images are prepared and ready to view in a week after the shoot we will schedule the best part - a reveal day back in our studio space. Seeing the images in person in their full quality allows you to go through your images, select your favourites and see in person the various options for mounting, printing or framing images. Most of my clients choose to display their images as stunning wall art or fine art prints, and there are also options for long term archival storage of multiple prints and/or acquiring additional prints to gift to friends and relatives.

You can take as long over this (or do it as quickly) as you like - there is no time pressure on you because we want you to be absolutely sure how you would like to receive your final images.

Approximately 4 weeks after you placed your order your prints will be available to collect and you’ll be able to treasure them forever.