We give you personal branding pictures that are just a little different - with a light twist of creativity that suggests individuality. Personal branding pictures (sometimes called ‘headshots’) can be used in all sorts of ways - from Linkedin, Facebook and other social media profiles to websites, CV’s, conference participation or just for general personal use.

With each portrait session fee of £120 we include digital copies of any two pictures. If you like, after you’ve seen the pictures and selected the ones you would like, there is also the option to buy additional images at £40 each.


The personal image we project has never been more important than in these halcyon days of social media. Nothing says ‘amateur’ more than a fuzzy snap taken in bad light with an iPhone. Our pictures present a professional look and send a message to colleagues, business partners, even friends, that you are professional, someone who takes care of the details, and won’t let your client or your company down. A lot of our clients are in the creative industries and freelancers for whom individuality and professionalism is especially important.

Personal branding portrait shoot

Includes a one hour portrait shoot in the studio or on location (Edinburgh), preparation of a selection of images from the shoot, and digital copies of your two favourite pictures.

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