Dougal Barr for the FT Weekend Magazine

Sylwia was commissioned a few weeks ago by the FT Weekend Magazine to take a portrait of Dougal Barr, who is a 'jumper outer' on ghost tours around Edinburgh, for the magazine's First Person column. Dougal was a great subject to be asked photograph - the idea of a jumper-outer itself is wonderfully bizarre and full of possibilities, especially in a city like Edinburgh, but also Dougal was patient with us as we played around and tried various ideas as the light fell and it began to rain and become cold. Somehow he seemed warm enough in his shorts while we were well wrapped up and shivering. 

Below were some of the images that we were really happy with - but the FT Weekend Magazine chose what was probably our favourite image of all, of Douglas jumping Dracula-like. It was great to see such a dynamic image being chosen, a bit unusual for a portrait.

Here is how it looked in the magazine:

dougal barr.jpg
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