Introduction to Photography Course

Course price: £180.00

13 hours of tuition consisting of two evening classes and two daytime fieldwork lessons.

The course would include:

  • understanding the basic parameters of photography
  • familiarisation with your camera and how to use its controls
  • experimenting with different camera control ‘modes’
  • understanding different designs of cameras and what they can do
  • apertures and shutter speeds
  • focusing and depth of field
  • the uses of different kinds of lenses
  • white balance and ISO
  • what is RAW format and how to use it
  • introduction to what makes certain images more attractive than others
  • how to correctly expose the image
  • light – how to measure it and different kinds of light
  • light temperature and white balance
  • film and digital
  • basics of composition
  • how to compose an image & how to break composition rules, creative cropping etc.
  • PRACTICAL EXERCISES in the above and then looking though the results together and discussion
  • critique

and perhaps most importantly of all, we will begin to look at:

  • seeing pictures - the very first steps to help developing your own visual language

Note: This is not intended as a strict curriculum, we may vary the topics we go into depth with depending on the particular interests of the class.

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