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Developing an eye

For the budding photographer who already understands the fundamentals of controlling their camera, and would like to take things further, concentrating more on approaches to the act of picture taking, and understanding images (with some technical tips along the way!).

Taking it Further in Photography - Developing an Eye (April - May)

Full course price: £180.00

The next course begins mid-April and will be on Thursday evenings with 10 hours of tuition consisting of four evening classes.

This is intended to take photography beyond understanding the basic technical aspects (though there will be reminders of this along the way) and further into understanding what we should photograph, why and how. At the same time, we will also be looking at taking technique further.

Subject covered will include some or all of the following:

  • understanding light
  • thinking about what you want to photograph and why
  • looking at movements in contemporary photography and what you can learn from them
  • applying camera controls further
  • intro to location portraiture
  • understanding exposure further
  • creative control of exposure
  • seeing and understanding images. The most important part of photography - what to photograph.
  • different ways to use the camera.
  • creative use of light
  • adding light sources (such as flash) creatively
  • mistakes in photography and how to avoid them
  • composing images, stills and portraits using various focal lengths on location
  • histograms and levels
  • basic file management
  • metadata, backing up and archiving images
  • critique
  • PRACTICAL EXERCISES in the above and then looking though the results together and discussion

Note: This is not intended as a strict curriculum, we may vary the topics we go into depth with depending on the particular interests of the class.

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